Windows 7 Media Center Tablet PC Remote

 WIN – Remote banamalon :The ultimate controller

Day three into owning ASUS Eee Pad Transformer TF101 i was looking for a media controller for my htpc set-up. The idea came when i came across ASUS’ Waveshare Interface which hosts a variety of unique applications such as MyNet, MyLibrary, MyCloud and more. MyNet easily streams digital media wirelessly within home network devices so HD videos or music can be played on devices such as a HDTV or desktop PCs for an even better experience from the Transformer. This works great with the standard windows media player but in my case I use the much slated windows media center. Now I understand the criticism that WMC receives! There are tweaks thou, that can help make a better all around media experience.  I will share my finds over time.

Back to todays goal, the use of a tablet PC as a form of controller.

STEP 1: Download WIN – Remote for your android device be it a smart phone or in my case android tablet pc. STEP 2: Download & install Server (Windows Remote Service) for Windows and start it. This needs to be downloaded to your PC and installed. Tested on Windows 7 32bit and 64bit, Vista 32bit. STEP 3: Select ‘Change Server’ from HomeScreen on your hand-held device. A list of the Servers should appear. This doesn’t need a detailed hold my hand guide, as banamalon wiki answers to all query’s that may arise. See a demonstration video to get access to some features which include:

  • Filemanager of MPC Remote:
  • HomeMedia BETA of MPC Remote:
  • NES Controller:

This really is excellent work and i would recommend a small donation that removes adds from the app. This application can do so much more than i have pointed out here. I have not even scratched the surface of its capabilities.


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